Creole Foods Delivery Policy

It is our desire to fulfill all orders to your satisfaction. Once, your order has been placed on an email confirmation will be sent to you. Please look over the email confirmation to make sure all the information is correct.  It is imperative that any building numbers, apartment numbers, and the like be included in order to ensure timely delivery. Reusable Styrofoam insulated coolers , FedEx Cold Packs, and high-quality corrugated boxes and ample box fillers are used to assure that your package arrives satisfactory. The costs of packaging and shipping an order are determined by the size, weight and destination of your specific order and are done so in connection with current FedEx rates. At we strive to ensure your package will be delivered to you on time. We process and ship your order as soon as possible. Due to shipping perishable items we ship at our discretion as to when an order with perishables can be shipped as we do not ship perishable items over the weekend.

  • Perishable item packages are shipped throughout the continental United States only.
  • If shipping to a residence, please verify that your recipient will be available to receive the package. The driver is automatically instructed to leave the package at the doorstep
  • A small amount of thawing may occur.
  • Perishable item orders can not be shipped to P.O. boxes.

Where do you ship?

We ship nationwide straight to your door. 

International Orders:

At this time, our shopping cart does not accept international orders. To place an international order, please email us at including the item number(s) and the respective quantities for each item. Be sure to include a shipping address so we can respond with a shipping rate. 

Can I cancel an order once the order has been shipped? 

Once a tracking label has been made the order cannot be cancelled.  

What is the cost of Freight?

Freight cost depends on the weight of the package and the recipient address.  On our website at please add the items you wish to order to your cart and select estimate shipping there you will provide your state and zip code for a shipping quote and a estimated delivery date. 

What company is used for shipments and how long does it take to arrive ?  

We ship perishable products via FedEx. The products should arrive in one to four days depending on which shipping method you choose. Freight companies do not warranty perishable products. Shipping times are not guaranteed by freight companies due to labor shortage and due to the high number of packages being transported. We will not replace shipments affected by circumstances beyond our control (weather, wrong address given, recipient moved, recipient not available or business closed when delivery is attempted). Please help us ensure your package arrives safely. To receive tracking updates your email must not block mail from

Can I send a package to a different location?

Yes, our checkout function allows you to enter a shipping address that is different from your billing address so you can send gifts to friends and relatives. 

What if I placed my order and entered an incorrect address?

In the event you enter an incorrect shipping address on your order contact us immediately if the order has not shipped we will be able to change it in our system.  If the order has been shipped we will have to notify FedEx of the address change.  A $15.00 address change fee will be charged to you by and note this may cause delay in delivery of your package.  We will not be responsible if the address change does cause a delay in your order.  It is imperative you review your order before placing the order and after receiving your email confirmation.

Is it safe to ship meat?

Yes, products including boudin are shipped frozen. If the package arrives within two days the contents may be frozen. Dry ice will last 1 day. Products in the container for three or more days may show signs of tempering. The product can be placed in the freezer or in refrigeration if the product is below 40° F and is received within five days of shipment. If frost is on the outside of the product or if any of the products are partially frozen, then your product is below 40° F.

What should I do when the package arrives?

Immediately remove contents from container and place in freezer or refrigeration. If the package arrives within one day of shipping, some dry ice may remain in container. DO NOT touch the ice.

Handling dry ice

Use Caution, Carbon Dioxide solid is extremely cold. (109° F below zero) and causes severe burns. It liberates heavy gas which may cause suffocation. Do not get dry ice on skin or hands. Do not taste or put near your mouth. Do not put in glass jars or bottles or other sealed, closed containers. Do not enter places where dry ice is used or stored until adequately ventilated. Keep out of children's reach. Dry ice does not melt, it changes into gas. A Five pound bag will last about 1.5 days in a closed container under normal circumstances. Dry Ice is used to help keep the inside of the container cold, it will not keep the product completely frozen.